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Keep users safe

Web threats are on the increase.

Keep business safe

Web threats have increased over the past few years. From phishing sites to drive-by downloads, the dangers have never been greater.

Complete control

Our web protection goes beyond enterprise anti-virus software and firewalls by letting you set your own content-filtering policies, website black lists, time and content based browsing policies, and much more.

Are you keeping your users safe?

Keep business safe...

Protect against malware, phising, adware, botnets and spam

Monitor daily bandwidth usage with automated bandwidth checks and alerts

Keep users off sites that could cause a data breach and protect business from legal liability that comes with a data breach

Complete control...

Our web-bsaed console makes it simple to gain control over your users' web browsing. Easy to use with no dedicated servers or proxies to configure

Use the default web protection policies or create your own custom rules for laptops, desktops and servers

Create your own customised message that users will see when they reach a block website

Block specific sites that don't fall within our core site categories

add custom URLs to the blacklist

Temporarily disable policy enforcement for a given period oftime to more easily troubleshoot user issues when needed

Web protection

Block infected web sites before you get to them, keeps web surfing fun


Get back to business as usual as quickly as possible

Email protection

Stop SPAM and Virus infected e-mails before they get to your computer

Cloud computing

From email and communications, to a full scaled hosted infrastructure

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