Premium Cloud-Hosted Business Phone Solution

Take your business communications into the future

myCloudPBX runs over the Internet using industry standard SIP technologies, meaning no capital investment or maintenance required in myCloudPBX hardware.
BYO handset or update to the latest handset technology and softphone clients.
myCloudPBX is fully nbnTM compatible, which means it’s a good time to explore cloud phone technology.


myCloudPBX (or Virtual PBX) takes the phone system out of your telecom cabinet and puts it “in the cloud.” myCloudPBX is a VoIP-based PBX that allows businesses to connect to it over the public or private Internet. This eliminates maintenance costs and having to upgrade software, and minimises service downtime.

Use your existing handsets and save or upgrade to the latest technology

If your happy with your existing handsets – keep them! You don’t need to buy new handsets if your existing handsets are compatible with myCloudPBX. Or take the opportunity to upgrade to the latest technology handsets and also run softphone clients on your smart phone or tablet.


User interface is simple to use and manage

Easy to set up and manage features, users, phones, and routing via the management portal. Reduces time wasted on service requests. Full admin access in your hands with smartphone integration.

Work anywhere with freedom

Turn your mobile phone into a business line. Advanced call routing and forwarding lets you route and receive calls to wherever you travel. Answer important business calls either from a mobile network or mobile soft clients.


myCloudPBX offers a completely scalable system

Allowing you to add lines as you need them, so you only pay for what you use. It’s important to choose a scalable phone service that can grow with the needs of your business. Whether you’re starting up or growing your team – myCloudPBX caters for any organisation big or small and can be adjusted easily online.


myCloudPBX is managed and operated completely online, so you can access your PBX network from anywhere with Internet access. If disaster strikes, you can reroute your calls to a safe destination or mobile. Virtual PBX is a fluid technology that will adapt to the requirements of your business.

Finally, you can transition to myCloudPBX smoothly by keeping your current phone number so you don’t lose any ongoing business.