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Online Learning

When you need a quick and simple training session, we can provide your staff with training on any of the technology in your business. From training them how to reset your internet modem to setting up new user accounts, we can do it via remote access to give your staff a fast and specific result.

Onsite Training

It isn't always possible to teach remotely, so for those situations we can arrange onsite training for your staff on a range of topics, from Cyber Security, troubleshooting faults to Managing your own technology. We can come to you and make it easy.

NBN™ Questions

Can i keep my existing phone number when I move to NBN™?
When you move to NBN, your phone will run over the internet service using VoIP (Voice over IP). In most cases you can move your current phone number over when you provision an NBN service. Make sure that you ask the question before you sign up with a new provider to ensure that there are no disruptions and that your number can be ported over.
The speed is slower than I expected, what do I do?
First thing to do is restart your modem, then run a series of speed tests.

Go to Speedtest and run a speed test a daily around the same time for a couple of days.

Then contact your provider to confirm the speed you are paying for. Compare the results and let them know of the differences.

How much is the cost of an NBN™ installation?
Standard NBN installation is free of charge. This applies during the 18 month period after the NBN is declared ‘ready for service’ in your area. Additional charges may apply if your home or business requires upgrades to wiring or cabling or if you want a non-standard installation.

You should ask your service provider if there will be any additional fees or equipment needed to connect your premises to the nbn. Some providers offer a professional installation of their equipment, which may incur charges.

If additional wiring or cabling is required, you may need to arrange for a registered cabler (a person who holds a current cabling registration) to undertake this work. QBT can recommend quality registered cablers to help out.

What happens of I don't move over to NBN?
You have 18 months to move your home phone and internet services to the NBN once it is available in your area if you have a fixed line connection.

If you don’t connect within this time, your services supplied over the old network will be disconnected soon after the end of the 18 month period. This is known as the disconnection date.

There is no disconnection date for fixed wireless and satellite areas, as Telstra will continue to maintain its network in these areas.

If you choose not to connect to the nbn you will need to consider using an alternative communications platform, such as a mobile network.

Computer Problems

Slow laptop
Do you have an old laptop that you want to keep, but just cant justify purchasing a new one? Why not upgrade. By installing an SSD (Solid State Drive) Drive and a little more RAM you can give that old Laptop a new lease on life.

An SSD Drive can be up to 20 times faster than a traditional mechanical drive!

Computer keeps restarting
This could be caused by an automatic OS update problem, adware, virus or other malware It could also be a graphics card, motherboard or network card drivers. Basically it could be just about anything.

If you have recently installed any new programs or hardware, uninstall them and see how that goes, if it continues you should get it tested by a reputable Technician.

Graphics look funny
My screen seems to have strange lines through it, it wobbles around or changes colour. This could be either a Graphics card failing or your Monitor cable. Unplug the monitor cable at both ends and plug back in firmly, make sure to tighten the screws.

Next step is try it with another monitor to prove the screen is ok. If you still get the problem on another screen then we have a hardware issue and you should get it replaced or tested.

My computer says no operating system found!
This will be either a fault with your hard drive or commonly an external device such as a USB stick plugged in. Unplug everything from your computer accept Mouse and Keyboard, restart and try again. If it continues don't keep trying, contact your Technician and have the drive tested to make sure it is ok.

Internet & WiFi Problems

My internet is so slow
First thing to do here is restart your modem. If this doesn't resolve it try a speed test. Go to and run a series of tests over a few hours to see what your average speed is.
My WiFi Drops Out
WiFi is susceptible to interference. It isn't always easy to identify this as the cause but look at what is close by your WiFi Access Point.

Make sure that your WiFi Access Point is not close to other devices such as a TV, Microwave, Cordless Phones.

There could also be another WiFi network fighting for Bandwidth with yours. Best thing to do here is change the channel your WiFi Access Point is using.

Can't get a WiFi Connection
If you can't seem to connect to your WiFi network at one end of your office, moving your Access Point to a more central local should help. Buildings are made of a combination of Steel and Concrete, both of which adsorb radio signals.

If it not possible to move the Access Point, installation a Range Extender centrally in your office should also help.

We can also do a Site Scan to see where the best location is to put your Access Point.

Security Questions

What shouldn't I use in a password?
Avoid these common words in your passwords:

- Pets, family or friends names

- Dictionary words

- Personal Information

- Public Information

- Acronyms

How do I create a good password?
Including all of the following components in your password will make it very difficult for someone to crack it:

- Both upper- and lower-case letters

- Numbers

- Symbols

- At least 12 characters

- Not easily decipherable as a real word or phrase upon first glance

Are Windows updates actually needed?
In short, YES!

Updating your computer software closes vulnerabilites that may exist when software is developed. It is impossible to detect all all vulnerabilities in code so when they are found, updates are released.

These updates plug the holes and make it harder for viruses to attack and take advantage of these gaps in your system.

Remember, just because you haven't had a virus yet, doesn't mean you will never get one.

Can i get infected through my Email?
This is the most common entry point for infections.

Always use a spam filter on your email account and do not open unsolicited messages.

Be wary of downloading attachments or opening email links you receive, even if they are from someone you know.

Spam emails can be:

- embedded with malware

- used to trick you into providing information or buying non-legitimate goods

Do not respond to or click on these emails. This can help you reduce the risk of your personal information being used fraudulently, or your computer being infected with malware.

Fun Facts...

1Approximately 3.2 billion people use the internet.
Out of this, 1.7 billion of internet users are Asians. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 200 billion emails and 3 billion Google search would have to wait if the internet goes down for a day.
230,000 websites are hacked every day.
Highly effective computer software programs are used by cybercriminals to automatically detect vulnerable websites which can be hacked easily.
3You’ve heard the term ‘surfing’ on the internet, right?
Well, it originated in 1992, courtesy of a New York librarian whose name was Jean Armour Polly. Even now, the term is used quite often, but other words such as ‘browsing’ have also become a popular addition.
4Do you think the internet and World Wide Web mean the same thing?
They are miles apart actually. The internet is a network of computers, while the World Wide Web is a bridge for accessing and sharing information across it.

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