This is scary – it’s how hackers can lock you out of your WhatsApp. Do you still use WhatsApp to discuss business with colleagues?

  Scam could let hackers lock you out of WhatsApp   All an attacker needs is your phone number

Adobe Flash is Dead!

You may have seen the notices in your Browser lately, and it seems to have been dying for ages. But now Flash is officially dead. Adobe has released the final scheduled update to its Flash Player plugin, weeks before Flash’s official retirement. As noted on Adobe’s site, yesterday marked the last

New Google Map Features

Google’s releasing new features for Google Maps. Including a community feed. And businesses can message customers directly in the app. Is it turning into a social network for local businesses? Will you use it more?   #Google #GoogleMaps #SocialMedia  

Do You Have an IT Strategy?

Now 2020 is finally over (hooray), what plans do you have for your business this year?   If you have ambitions to grow, you must have an IT strategy in place that will help you make the best use of technology to support your business goals.   Why create an