Microsoft 365: Mobile apps and business without the office

Tech Tip: 24th May 2021     Microsoft 365: Mobile apps and business without the office   A lot of people still associate Office software with… the office. But with more of us working remotely, it’s important to access the tools we need to do our jobs… wherever we may

3 ways password managers will improve your staff’s efficiency

  Password managers solve a really important problem.   And that’s your team using the same weak passwords for multiple logins.   Constantly threatening the security of your business and its valuable data.   But despite this, password managers don’t seem to be liked that much. Which is crazy –

PowerPoint: Raising the game with audio

  Love it or hate it, PowerPoint is the most useful way to influence colleagues during a meeting or video call. There are lots of little tricks hidden within PowerPoint, to give you greater communication powers. And here’s one you’re going to love.   Watch the Video Now

CRISIS! – Your office is on Fire!

Your people are all safe… but now what? What important preparation do you wish you had “got round to doing…?”           Click to read article