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A close up of text on a black background  Description automatically generatedEMOTET is BACK!!!! – Large malware campaign currently hitting Australia


Emotet/Trickbot infections leading to ransomware attacks – BACKUP YOUR DATA!


Payload: W97M/Downloader is a specially-crafted Microsoft Word document that, when opened, silently executes a malicious macro that connects to multiple remote servers to download and display additional components.


Emotet is most commonly spread via malicious emails containing Microsoft Office attachments, usually Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx) documents. There have also been reports of PDF attachments containing Emotet.


These attached files contain macros that download and install the Emotet malware when opened. Emotet can also be spread via embedded URLs in malicious emails. The ACSC has received reports of Emotet being spread through both untargeted bulk spam emails, as well as what appear to be highly targeted spear-phishing emails.


Do NOT click on unusual e-mails and confirm attachments that may or may not be expected from clients.


If you are not sure or have any questions please contact us on 07 5421 1020