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Beware of Bush Fire SCAMS

We are a nation of people, who when times get tough, come to the aid of others. Mates helping Mates. But while we’re watching the catastrophe unfold down south, others are taking advantage of the situation and using it as a revenue raising exercise.


Online Scams, Door to Door Donation grabbers are taking thousands from people who just want to help. Nothing is lower than a person who takes advantage of others who are in desperate need of help and those who want to help.


When donating money or items to the various Bush Fire Appeals going around please take the time to investigate their legitimacy. Don’t just rely on shared links from your friends, or Social Media posts shared by others. They may have been duped to. Search online for other references to the appeal, contact them directly if possible. Cross reference the Social Media posts with search results and build a picture of whether it is a legit appeal.


Human nature sees some of us leaning towards smaller less known appeals because some of us have been bitten before by organisations not passing on all of the funds to those who need it. But after all is said and done, I wouldn’t want to be the organisation that withholds money after this disaster is over.


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