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Warnings of world-wide worm attacks are the real deal

For the past three weeks, security professionals have warned with increasing urgency that a recently patched Windows vulnerability has the potential to trigger attacks not seen since the WannaCry worm that paralysed much of the world in 2017. A demonstration video circulating on the Internet is the latest evidence to prove those warnings are the real deal.


Microsoft is urging anyone who is running a vulnerable computer to update at once. The flaw affects versions from Windows XP through Server 2008 R2. Anyone using one of these versions should ensure a patch is in place.


Is the BlueKeep security update installed?

The easiest way to check if there is a risk regarding BlueKeep is to check if the required security update is installed. To do this, you could view the history of installed Windows updates.

Check your update history

To view the Windows update history, try the following steps, to check whether the required update is is available.

1. Type ‘Updates’ into the search box of the start menu and select the entry to show ‘View update history’. Or invoke the control panel, go to Windows Update an click View update history (see here).

2. Type into the Search Control Panel of the View update history windows the kb number required.


Suchen nach installierten Updates (Windows 7)
[Search for installed updates (Windows 7)]

If the update is listed there, you don’t need to do anything. If the update is also missing there, simply download the relevant package from Microsoft and install it manually. If the update already exists, the second installation will probably be rejected with a corresponding hint. Below is alist of security updates to mitigate the BlueKeep vulnerability.

Windows XP: KB4500331
Windows Server 2003 SP2: KB4500331
Windows Vista: KB4499149 or KB4499180
Windows Server 2008 SP1: KB4499149 or KB4499180
Windows 7 SP1: KB4499164 or KB4499175
Windows Server 2008 R2: KB4499164 or KB4499175


If your machine is patched via our patching system we have ensured that your PC is protected.


If you have any questions please contact us.